Starting School Countdown Calendar

Designed to support Pre-School children with getting ready to start School this year.

Starting School Countdown Calendar – 40 days of Summer

To purchase your copy, either a digital download (£5) sent via email or I have a limited number of hard copies (SOLD OUT), then visit the Etsy store.

The best way to prepare your little one for School is to practise key skills through perfectly playful activities.

Who is the Calendar for and what will it cover?

The Countdown Calendar is designed to support Pre-School children who are due to start School this year. The Calendar contains 40 activities with a mix of hands-on activity ideas and playful printables. The calendar will cover activities that support:

Name Recognition
Phase 1 Phonics
Fine Motor Skills
Independent Skills

Take a look at the Starting School guide below to look at the areas that will be covered within the calendar and further ways to support your child.

When do I start it?

If your little one starts School on the 2nd September then start the calendar on Saturday 24th July so that you have 40 days for each of the 40 activities. Adjust the start date according to the date your child starts.

What are the themes?

The Calendar has an overarching theme of ‘Summer’ with each week all activities based on a different topic.

Week 1 – Sunshine (6 activities)
Week 2 – Ice Creams (6 activities)
Week 3 – Seaside (7 activities)
Week 4 – Fruits (7 activities)
Week 5 – In the Garden (7 activities)
Week 6 – Teddy Bear’s Picnic (6 activities)
plus a ‘Day before School’ checklist.

Can you give me an example of what the activities are like?

As an example the theme for the first week is ‘Sunshine’ and the activities are as follows:

1 – Playful printable – Design a hat for the sun (Phase 1 phonics, fine motor, creativity)
2 – Hands-on Activity Idea – Sun Ray Peg Names (Name recognition, fine motor skills)
3 – Playful Printables – exploring pre-writing shapes by drawing sun rays (fine motor, pencil control, pre-writing shapes)
4 -Playful Printable -Sorting rhyming objects (Phase 1 phonics, fine motor, comcentration)
5 – Hands-On Activity Idea – Practise writing names in a sensory writing tray (fine motor, name recognition, mark making)
6 – Hands-On Activity Idea – making sun catchers (name recognition, fine motor, creativity)

What resources will I need?

The complete resource list is at the beginning of the Calendar. Most of the activities will use everyday items that you will most likely already have around the house.

Do I need a printer?

If purchasing the downloadable version then ideally you would have access to a printer as the Calendar is a mix of hands-on activity ideas and playful printables that need to be printed. If you don’t have access then the printables can be replicated at home by drawing instead or purchase a hard copy via the Etsy store.

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